Mi'la Products
Emu Oil for burns, scars, eczema etc.
Cosmetic range - Vitamin E Cream, Tissue Oil
Tissue Gel, Face Wash, Acne Gel, Coconut Oil
Tissue Cream, Cream Body Wash
Michael Wilson
0027 21 554 5189 office
027 83 708 2085 mobile
0027 86 708 610 2558 fax
Rust protection
FLUID FILM - Anti-corrosion, rust preventer
rust arrester, penetrant and lubricant.
Liquids, Gels, Greases.
Infection Control
Medistel - High level Instrument Disinfectant
Distel - High Level Surface Disinfectant
Enzystel - Triple Enzymatic Cleaner
Hand Care
HTA 5 Advance Sensitive (hand scrub)
HTA 5 Creamwash (hand scrub with 30% Vit E)
HTA 7 Advance (70% IPA sanitizer with Vit E)
Antifect Care (sanitizer)
Oil spill products
Oilcap hydrocarbon converter
ViroSorb - renewable resource absorbent.
Powerclean - powerful degreaser.
Social Media
Online reputation management,
SEO and content creation and
management across all
SM platforms.
Brilliant Sounds
Mobile DJ
Weddings, matric dances, functions,
21'sts, corporates, parties & events.
Quiz Nights.
Hand crafted Metal Bustiers.
Steampunk Jewellery.
Custom made.